Spreading the Gospel of Jesus in South Asia.

Partner with us. Together we make a difference.

Heart for Missions.

SAMS focuses on supporting, training, and multiplying disciples to spread the Gospel of Jesus to over 3 billion people in Southeast Asia. We work with christ-centered communities in India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, and Pakistan.

We are all about people.

Loving God comes first but as a response to His love for us we love and serve Others.
SAMS has a mission to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout South East Asia.

What is a Mission Ambassador?

We are looking for people that are excited or encouraged to help us spread the word. We would love to have disciples from various congregations join in our mission love the people of South East Asia and partner with us in spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout South East Asia.

Equitable World

SAMS aims to build a world where people, irrespective of differences, can lead safe and prosperous life. We work with a wide range of international project partners.